High school and college students and their friends are invited to join the Young Adult Group for weekly activities. Each month we rotate four activities, one per session: lesson, fellowship, worship and an activity/ project. We meet at people's homes and in Saint Nektarios Chapel. The theme for this 2018-2019 school year is A Life of Offering. Please join the Facebook Group or contact Father Ion for details. The schedule is always visible at the Home page or in the Church Calendar.


A Life of Offering

Module 1: Preparing to Connect

September 2018: Offering our Talents

October 2018: Offering our Struggles

November 2018: Offering our Conflicts


Module 2: Connecting with God

December 2018: Offering our Prayer

January 2019: Offering our Story

February 2019: Offering our Sacrifice


Module 3: Living with Connection

March 2019: Offering our Gifts

April 2019: Offering the Gospel

May 2019: Offering our Lives