Welcome to Saint John's Ministries Page

The following are among the main activities that we serve in as we engage in the Mission of our Church.

Altar Servers

Coordinate a schedule and provide training for boys and young men, ages 7 and up, to serve in the altar during services


A source for Orthodox Christian literature, gifts and sacramental supplies for the parish and greater Orthodox community. Always open. Purchases can be made by depositing the sales amount in the Bookstore money box.

Church Music

Prayerfully lead the congregation in worship with the reading and chanting of liturgical services, including baptisms and weddings; the chanting group holds regular practices.

Clean-Up Teams

Michael G
Periodic clean-up of the entire church building. Weekly cleaning after coffee hour is managed by the host and volunteers.


Organize events or campaigns, including the annual Greek Festival, to raise funds for the purchase of property, the building a church and additional facilities.

Monterey Bay Greek Festival - Festival Web Site

Held each Labor Day Weekend Saturday through Monday.



Oversee the provision of food and hospitality for various special events such as the Pascha Picnic, parish feast day and visits.

Information Technology

Managing the technological equipment, network and IT security of the parish.


Michael G
Maintain the church grounds with periodic work parties and landscaping.

Men’s Ministry

Create a forum for men to get to know one another better, plan an annual retreat, and facilitate social gatherings for men and their families. This includes the Monday Coffee & Fellowship held every Monday at 10 am.

Missions & Evangelism

Father Ion
Create and oversee opportunities to share the Orthodox Faith with others and nurture spiritual growth within the parish.

Parish Council

Thimi, President
Elected each winter, members commit to a two-year term, serving on rotation on Sunday mornings and meeting monthly to prayerfully guide parish decision-making.

Philoptochos (Friends of the Needy)

Provide parishioners with ongoing almsgiving opportunities and events, which focus on meeting the needs of our own as well as our neighbors in the greater community


Rotation of parishioners bake and offer bread for use in the Divine Liturgy.

Site Committee

Works to fulfill the vision of the parish to build a new church and to inform and motivate the parish regarding this process.  


Jacob and Mary
Facilitates annual stewardship campaign, educates about the focus and themes of Christian Stewardship, sends quarterly statements and answers questions regarding stewardship.

Sunday Coffee

Providing hospitality with lunch after Sunday services. Manages the sign up for each Sunday and special occasions such as memorials.


Volunteers act as Greeters on Sundays, welcoming guests, answering questions, providing materials to assist in participating in worship and learning more about the Faith and our parish.