Church History

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b.       The Five Original Churches, Beliefs of the Early Church, Theological Disagreements in the Church, The Ecumenical Councils, Friction between East and West, The Early and Present structure of Orthodoxy in the World, The two sources of Orthodox Faith: Scripture and Tradition, Administration of the Orthodox Church, The Chronological Development of the Great Schism, Role of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, The Protestant Reformation, Fr. Evagoras, p. 3-38

c.        We are the Church of the Holy Fathers, Fr. Coniaris, p.74-92

d.       The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, Fr. Coniaris, p. 1-12

e.       What we believe about the Nicene Creed Fr. Coniaris, p 13-16

f.         Church History – The Orthodox Faith, Fr. Thomas Hopko, Vol. 3 (orange), Chapter 5, p.11-194. Also, available at

g.       Podcast: The One true Church, Fr. Thomas Hopko,

h.       Podcast: Bishops - A Series on the Structure and Leadership of the Church, Fr. Thomas Hopko – this is a longer series.